I help self-responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them in it and reminding them of who they are.

We are longing for the here and now, for being. We want balance and being one. We wonder when we will finally get “there”. What makes the path difficult for us is usually not our job, not our relationship, not the children and not the money. It is how we deal with it and with the fact that we cannot be. We live with beliefs, personalities, patterns, evaluations, under pressure, in and from the outside. In each moment it is only a mirror for what we are and are not in ourselves. And our outside is only a weak definition of who we really are. We are more than our thinking. We are more than our feelings. We are more than our actions. It is the time not to hide your self anymore, but to let it live. Living our own authenticity and our potential in love and thus giving the world what is possibly the greatest gift is a special experience that we as humans are allowed to have. It is not a question of life, “but the courage with which you live it” (Yogi Bhajan) in order to feel, think, speak and act consciously and honestly in every moment.

With great gratitude I serve with what is in me. When visions become reality. When courage releases all energies. When the experiences are definitely very intense. When the soul is faster than the mind. Behind all of this lies the courage to be in our authentic selves. At that moment we begin a union and an irrepressible force floods us. In that moment life becomes our yoga. At this moment we open gifts and we are allowed to learn again and again to open them. Filled with new impressions, experiences and lessons for which I feel deeply grateful. Gratitude for being able to accompany people who want to learn, transform and love.