I help self-responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them in this and reminding them of who they are.

I am a human being. Tobias Fritzsche is my name. It is a pleasure for me from the bottom of my heart to meet you! My chosen path is to accompany you as a human being and soul. To support you in what you encounter in life, with others and within yourself.

I accompany you with the help of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, energetic transformation (with ascended masters) and my own living neurosensitivity. I actively listen, feel, understand, question, support, reflect, accept, confront, move and touch.

After ten years in business life and as a team leader in an IT company, I then decided to follow my inner call. I opened a yoga centre in 2013, a protected space to support people and to move into a new time together. Since 2020, I have been accompanying people on a freelance base and in always new creations. As a soul I have a deep desire to support people in feeling, accepting and remembering who they really are, a divine spark of love. I teach, live, sing and make music with my heart to touch hearts. With my unconditional love, trust, courage and my own life experiences I serve other souls in my authentic way.

The time is here to not longer hide one’s own self, but to let it live and love. To take responsibility for our own authenticity and magical parts and thus give the world possibly the greatest gift. We are allowed to experience ourselves as perfect, to heal and to love!

If you feel touched by my words, please feel free to contact me! For whatever reason!

Your Tobias