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Kundalini Yoga

Nam Terath

The world is full of possibilities. They are opportunities to truly unfold ourselves and our lives and to give the meaning that is meant for us. We are often allowed to climb mountains before we can fully see them. These ascents require strength, alertness and mindfulness. We vacillate between trust and fear, joy and sadness, activism and perseverance, love and anger, ... . But it is certain that we will be guided on this path and allowed to open ourselves to what life has in store for us.

HINWEIS: Teilnahmen im Yoga 14 über direkte Anmeldung dort.

More confidence!

Let it flow!

Gain Power!

Live from the Heart!

Experience Acceptance!

Develop Compassion!

Be truthful!

Act intuitively!

Embody Divinity!

Your teacher

Nam Terath Tobias Fritzsche


Kundalini Yoga consciously leads us into this process of life in order to awaken in us what we are allowed to experience and learn in life. It is the experiment of becoming the observer of our own self and aligning one's consciousness with infinity. It is the experience that the treasure chest of wisdom, intuition and compassion is always within us, ready to be opened.

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