The world is full of possibilities. There are opportunities to truly develop ourselves and our lives and to give them the meaning that is meant for us. Often we are allowed to climb mountains before we can fully recognize them. These ascents require strength, alertness, and mindfulness. We fluctuate between trust and fear, joy and sadness, actionism and persistence, love and anger,…. But it is certain that we will be guided on this path and that we will be allowed to open up to everything that life has in store for us.

Kundalini Yoga leads us consciously into this process of life in order to awaken in us what we are allowed to experience and learn in life. It is the experiment of becoming an observer of our own selves and aligning our consciousness with infinity. It is the experience that the treasure chest full of wisdom, intuition and compassion is always within us, ready to be opened. We experience our true core, our inner infinite world, which we are allowed to offer the outer world as a gift. Each of us is unique and beautiful in a very special way. We are allowed to come to this realization, integrate it into all our bodies and begin to heal and express ourselves in an authentic way. Then we encounter what we call our “I”. Independent of the external “appearance”. Purely geared towards our own authenticity, which has to be extracted and which leads us into deep happiness. Straight to our heart.

Kundalini Yoga is a path that is open to new times and learning processes and rests with deep roots on the earth and one’s own origins. It is experiences, not theories, that we are allowed to make and that open our hearts to ourselves and gratitude for our life and everything that happens in it. It is the union of the polarities and a guide for your own personal development. Kundalini Yoga gives us an impetus to feel honestly and with love, to rediscover ourselves and to support us in being what we are from birth: happy, healthy and holy.