20.02.2021, 14-20h

Online-Seminar “Light of Meditation”

Compensation: 77 €

19. (evening)/20.03.2021

Seminar “SeelenKlang”

Compensation: 180 €

April-November 2021

“Rocket of Love – Online True Nature Training”

15.05.2021, 13-20h

Online-Seminar “Standing the Time”

Compensation: 99 €

23.10.2021, 13-20h

Online-Seminar “Breaking Limitations”

Compensation: 99 €

11.12.2021, 13-20h

Online-Seminar “True Love”

Compensation: 99 €

Registration and information: namterath@namterath.com

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Participants’ voices

With Nam Terath, I have seen many different online courses. Be it on the subject of “Transformation” or, like the last time, “Light of Meditation”.

A wonderful experience that, if you then take some time for the after-effects, can only be recommended. With the help of targeted questions, you can find answers to topics that are currently pending in your own life. You can – but you don’t have to – share this knowledge with the other participants. But this mutual exchange often brings additional impulses for one’s own life.

Despite the online connection, Nam Terath always manages to establish intensive contact and thus the right atmosphere for the Kundalini experience. It is actually possible for me to fully engage with the respective topic and thus achieve a benefit for me that is often only noticeable days afterwards. That is always impressive.

Gudrun Schuchter

The journey through the different levels of meditation in the online seminar “Light of Meditation” and the related answers that I was able to find in myself was, and is still today, very enriching for me! Thank you very much for the loving and powerful accompaniment through this workshop!

Jenny Genserich

The “Light of Meditation” seminar was incredibly beautiful. The very interesting theory, the various experiences in the meditations, the associated exchange in a great group made the hours go by extremely quickly and you actually completely forgot that you were ‘only’ online !!! It really felt like a wonderful group event and for that, you dear Nam Terath, thank you very much!

Suse Schmidt