We are living in one of the most exciting phases of humanity’s development. We still feel the pressure of the old and at the same time the freedom of the new, which forces us to do a balancing act. In doing so, we are being asked to raise our consciousness to a higher frequency that allows us to speak, act and live in peace, compassion, clarity, acceptance and love.

How can we now see new opportunities in all these challenges? How can we find balance in the current chaos to contribute to the change and growth of our society? How can we start with ourselves, be aware and look at, expand and heal our own beliefs, actions/reactions and limitations? How can we recognise who we really are in this? act. In doing so, we are being asked to raise our consciousness to a higher frequency that allows us to speak, act and live in peace, compassion, clarity, acceptance and love.

The Kundalini Yoga Awakening Teacher Training Level 1 is an invitation to you. You are allowed to go on your very own journey of discovery, to learn and to grow in the loving community. To find out what is still hidden in you, in life and in the universe. To find out what is allowed to grow through daily presence, practice and care and how life is the highest yoga. This year is an invitation to people, to you, who want to teach yoga yourself and/or have a powerful personal experience.

Talk to me personally, by phone at +49 7724 5869045 or by email. You can find all further information about the Kundalini Awakening Training (Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1) in 2023 here:

Participants’ voices

“Attending the Level 1 Teacher Training was one of my best decisions. This enabled me to immerse myself very deeply in Kundalini Yoga. And I was allowed to learn and discover so much about myself and I don’t want to miss any experience. It is a very interesting path that has opened up for me that I want to continue. I thank Nam Terath and Karta Singh from the bottom of my heart for all the valuable experiences that I was allowed to make.”

Ajeet Nidhan Kaur / Inge Ganter-Kaufmann

“The decision to go this way was one of the most important, valuable and deepest I have made for myself! Anyone who wants to look at all their sides and want to take care of them and wake up will find the space and the opportunity here in the loving and clear company of Nam Terath. I thank you for your dedication!”

Ina Rippe

“To take part in the Teacher Training was a very spontaneous decision for me. Practically as a lateral entrant on the third weekend, I was able to make friends in a wonderful group. Out of my heart I decided to take part in order to better understand myself. To go deeper and get to know new facets of my being. It was one of the best decisions I made for myself. This year, with its intense weekends, was a time in which I was able to experience an incredible amount. It was allowed to get to know who really is in the core, in the heart. And my courage was rewarded. So I can say that this training has changed my view of life, yes I would say, even fundamentally changed my life in a certain way. Knowing the loving, clear and strengthening accompaniment by my side has always helped me to look deeper into these old patterns, beliefs and emotions. Thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.”

Shakti Japa Kaur / Maike Ernst

“The Awakining Teacher Training lives up to its name. The companion Nam Terath woke me up. He held up a mirror for me so that I could question myself (my actions, my thoughts, my feelings) in order to understand better. Why…? I was able to realize that I am my own teacher. Because everything I need is already blooming in me. I just have to use it.”

Niklas Huth

“I wanted to deepen my knowledge of Kundalini Yoga through the Kundalini Awakening Teacher Training. I was able to experience wonderful, intensive, challenging training weekends in a wonderful group (thank you, dear ones) and an unforgettable immersion week in the French Alps. Over the year I was able to gain impressive insights into myself, my thoughts and feelings, my limitations, my possibilities and, above all, great experiences that will point the way for my future path. Thank you Nam Terath for your company, for your love, you really are the best!!! Thank you of course for the delicious and naturally healthy meals that you have prepared for us!”

Suse Schmidt

“In February 2019 I heard about Kundalini Yoga for the first time and after participating in 2-3 yoga classes in the SchwarzwaldSeele I made the spontaneous decision to join the ongoing training in 2019.

Kundalini Yoga has opened the door to a world that is completely new for me – the inner world that is in all of us, that holds so much clarity and guidance for us and that we so easily overlook in the faster-higher-further society Ignore. I had previously attended various yoga classes with other yoga styles. With Kundalini Yoga I was able to stay with myself for the very first time with my perception and my focus and was able to make a completely new experience of silence, oscillation and vibration in space, which fascinates me every time.

Every single training weekend was a wonderful and profound experience for me full of connection, love and trust and I can still feel the energy of the single weekends. The trainer Nam Terath created a safe and secure space for us participants every time. Everyone was allowed to simply “be there” with their previous history, their influences and beliefs. The “waking up” and “transforming” were allowed to happen for each individual at their own pace.

What I particularly appreciate about the training is that the focus is on one’s own experience and empathy with the roles of pupils and teachers and not primarily on imparting knowledge. I can recommend the training with Nam Terath from the bottom of my heart.”

Atma Devjoti Kaur / Tanja Kammerer

Impressions of the Training