Peace within us is the way of our heart. When we begin to follow him, the door to outer peace also opens. I don’t want to look the other way, but look and immerse ourselves in what is happening inside of us and in the world. I want to raise my compassionate and powerful voice for a peaceful world. I wish for a new consciousness that is really for the benefit of ALL people on this planet, the planet itself and all its inhabitants. For me, this means finding new / old ways and actually going there.

We all see climate change, the growing world population, poverty, wars, crises, exploitation of nature / people, the exhaustion of resources, social change, and and and an insane number of challenges. We are offered opportunities and the variety of ideas, paths, possibilities, changes, debates open up to us and we are allowed to live them. So I see possible paths in the common good and post-growth economy.

Fairtrade is certainly not perfect either, but an opportunity for now and the future. For a humane and fair coexistence in harmony with nature. That is why I am personally committed to “Fairtrade Town St. Georgen” in order to be able to influence our being and our actions. Everyone is allowed to live with dignity and grace and receive fair compensation for their own work. Here and everywhere in the world.

In addition to my personal commitment, helping also means giving back what is given to us. I provide targeted financial support so that I know that projects are really being supported. Far too often the donations disappear in the nirvana of the “cake distribution jungle”. That is why we support the Uemuet-Nadjeshda children’s center in Kyrgyzstan through sponsorship and donation campaigns and through direct donations for the Grauzone e.V. in Donaueschingen, the Freunde der AIC Madagaskar e.V. and the refugee aid in St. Georgen.