What happens when four friends come together? What happens when the flow of life creates what has always been there? What happens when trust, compassion and joy open up exactly what has always slumbered within us? It’s happening, a raw, sacred space born of pure loving power. Neutrally authentic, dangerously juicy and nakedly natural. Free of guilt; for the rise of our humanity that is being asked to face our deepest pain – everything we know is evolving rapidly and this is our radical conversation. An innovation of words shared from the heart, expressing what hurts and the profound insights that illuminate the darkest of hours. What we share is a collective healing, simultaneously happening through infinite eyes. These are our stories. Four men, four elements, four wolves come together to share, to learn, to love! We want to inspire, stimulate and support people on their way to live their own life with joy and love! In connection with the fifth element, the divinity inside of us and around us! “The Fifth Element” – Oneness in its pure form! Daniel Goldsmith, Jag Kaley, Sivaroshan Sahathevan, Tobias Fritzsche.