Rocket of Love

Online True Nature Training

Our life is a journey of discovery. We discover the outer world, we discover the inner world, discover new and old and try to create a balance between all of this. We are often faced with the challenge of starting this journey from the center of our being. This shows us our own limitations, blockages, beliefs and behaviors that prevent us from fully developing.

How can we know ourselves for who we really are? How can we find joy and peace within ourselves in this life? How can we heal and love?

The “Rocket of Love” training gives you exactly this space to get to know your natural and very individual being better and to reflect on what is often neglected in everyday life. You will learn to gain new perspectives and to create space for your own inner world with all its wonders. Let yourself be surprised what can open up to you through openness, truth and love in order to experience yourself in a completely new way.

Creative Kundalini Yoga, profound meditations, powerful energetic transformations with masters and archangels, musical experiences and a self-reliant experience are components of this training to accompany you on your way.


Saturday, April 17th, 2021 – I AM
(Who am I – consciousness, inner world, soul, understanding of oneself)

Saturday, June 5th, 2021 – OPEN THE DOORS
(Where am I – blockages, limitations, soul perspective)

Saturday, 08/07/2021 – RITUAL OF CUTTING
(Where am I from – Inner Child, Relationships, Beliefs, Dissolution)

Saturday, September 25th, 2021 – HEALER’S JOURNEY
(How can I be – change, real self, my garden)

Saturday, November 13th, 2021 – THE PATH
(Where do I go – visions, devotion and trust, life)


Saturdays are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., including breaks.

Language: German, English or French depending on the group composition

Additional training content

– One personal Zoom meeting between the individual days, 45 minutes

– Intermediate group meeting via Zoom in coordination with the participants

– Videos for your own practice at home between the training days

– Working materials for your own development

– Inspiration tasks in partner and group work (depending on group size)

– WhatsApp contact group with me and the group


The compensation for the training amounts to a total of € 1,250. A compensation of € 250 will be made upon registration. The remaining amount of € 1,000 will be transferred over eight months (April-November) with € 125 per month. In the event of full compensation up to two weeks before the start of the training, the compensation amounts to € 1,150 and is transferred in full in advance.


The training offers you profound personal development, creative yoga and meditation practice and mindfulness as a personal impetus. It is an invitation to people who get involved in a personal development process and want to expand their awareness of their spiritual dimension.

Requirements (during the training)

– Participation on all Saturdays and in the personal Zoom meetings

– Self and partner reflection with inspiration tasks