The world seems to be spinning faster and faster. Time seems to be running out and the moments are passing us by. Sometimes we wish the day had more than 24 hours. We are the timers ourselves and, if we want, we set the pace ourselves. Because in which rhythm and in which balance do we live and act? And how is it in your own company? Which values ​​are in focus for the company, the employees and above all the entrepreneur? How are these values ​​and personal potential lived and valued?

Mental illnesses are now the second most important cause of incapacity for work in Germany (Source). According to an AOK study, the average number of days absent due to a mental illness was 26 days. What does this want to show us? We humans are allowed to perceive and promote a changed awareness among employees, managers and entrepreneurs in all areas of life and increasingly also in companies. Most people want more free time, less pressure, more time for the family, more appreciation, more meaningfulness and cooperation. This requires a stronger identification with, and a higher priority for actions that strengthen the employees, managers and the entrepreneurs themselves in their human potential. Expertise is still important in the importance of skills. Human qualities, values, health and cooperation have become more and more important in recent years and are heralds of future development.

The current world of work and its developments are changing and will continue to change and manifest. Production techniques such as robots, digitization, new forms of mobility, Industry 4.0, genetic engineering, internationalization, … transform old structures and approaches in an immense way. In addition to all of this, political / economic crises, the growing world population, crises, overproduction, consumption and the consequent drying up of natural resources require new ideas, new ways of looking at and transforming ourselves (and thus the entire company).

Where is the “work” going in the future? How can you prepare for this change and continue to be successful, possibly in a different way?

Together with you I would like to be creative, to peel out individual approaches and techniques, to implement them and to take a path that enables us to leave our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, … a planet that is supported by care and humanity.

I am looking forward to your contact!