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Nam Terath Tobias Fritzsche

I am a human. Name Terath, Tobias Fritzsche my name. It is a pleasure from the bottom of my heart to meet you! My chosen path is to accompany you as a human being and as a soul. To support you in what you encounter within yourself, in life and with others.



I see myself as a mentor, companion, spiritual being on the way with others! I feel more and more at peace within myself. Because with what life gives me and us - I also learn and love - as a student and teacher! It fills me with honor to be able to do this in which I receive so much joy and abundance!


Nam Terath - an opening space for people who want to remember themselves. This is the meaning of my spiritual name. I received it in my teacher training. And it hit me right in the heart! With the Black Forest Soul, from 2013-2020, I opened it up to the outside!



I was working as a sales team leader for an IT service provider. It was also here, in a different environment, above all about the people! I was able to learn, experience and live a lot, for which I am very grateful! This phase gave me insights, change and consolidation for the future!


Truncheon - Soul Shaker - Satisfy You! Three band names of my passion and love - music! She has been with me from the start and always will! Dedication. Express, let flow! I sing, make music, teach and live from my heart to touch hearts.



Even as a little boy I felt that there was more! For example, I wondered what happens when I fall asleep. Where do you go? I felt a lot, including subtle things, very much - was and am neurosensitive. At that time it was more about "hardness", today I can see and use this sensitivity as a gift!

trust and acceptance

intuition and courage

compassion and love

What do I understand by being a mentor?

My chosen path is to accompany you as a human being and as a soul. To support you in what you encounter in life, with others and within yourself. I actively listen, feel, understand, ask, support, reflect, accept, confront, move and touch.


I accompany you with the help of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Energetic Transformation, Coaching, Music and my Neurosensitivity.


The time has come not to hide one's own self, but to let it live and be loved. Taking responsibility for our own authenticity and magical parts and thereby giving the world what is possibly the greatest gift. We can experience, heal and love ourselves as perfect!



Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1 & 2 Amrit Nam Sarovar School

Restorative Yoga Teacher Siddhi Yoga School

Energy Healing Practitioner Level 1 with Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Rogers Talk Therapy

Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication


IT System Professional Sales

You are a unique and complete piece of the puzzle of a marvel of creation! You are infinite! You are always guided and loved!