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Time to realign

With so much "development" in the world, around us and within us, we sometimes overlook and forget the essence of the divine. We read, do, do, experience, grow, shrink, practise, experience, want, and and and... What is the reason for this? With what intention or even with what goal do we do this? Some want to be happier, others want more peace and balance, more courage, strength, energy, personal development and growth, let go of old things and let new things come. So may the energy of September support us in letting go of the past and renewing a new, brilliant version of ourselves. We can discover what we really want, say "no" to what we don't want and what no longer serves us. Whether it's about us, our relationships, our job, ... . But honestly! What are we really looking for and where should “renewal” take us? Yes, of course we can “peel” and transform energies that are old in us. But aren't we always divine beauty and love? May we not simply give ourselves in gratitude to be love and grace? Radiant souls in a life full of gifts. Mooji sums it up so beautifully, I think: "The place you are looking for is the place from which you are looking."

It might be a bit confusing at first. What place am I looking from? Where am I looking from anyway? Who is looking and where is looking? This is not tangible for our mind and it does not want to grasp it either. But if we are honest with ourselves, we know where we are. We know deep down that what happens is what is allowed to happen! That what we experience may happen exactly as it is. Which also means for us to simply let our (socially) innate "striving for happiness" be happiness! It is the same with happiness, joy, love, … exactly the same as with material desires. Do we have them, do we want more or something different, new! However, if we recognize the perfection and beauty of all creation, we are fulfilled and nothing is needed for fulfilment. We are allowed to keep our vigilance of "place" as the brief history of numerology describes beautifully: "Once when Yogi Bhajan was counseling a young man in my presence, he told him that it is not always about how spiritual you are, it's about how alert you are.From this, from our alertness, the stillness of our soul and the love of our heart, we can navigate in life, play with it, live and experience ourselves as soul and life, BEING. Here we can be what we are, always have been and always will be!

What happens when you see that in life, observe it and use your creativity to make something out of what life offers you? A little exercise on this... What's still in your fridge today? Did you have a plan of what you would like to cook? Throw it over, put everything in front of you and then invent something that comes out of you. What are you offered? How many opportunities will you really find? Is it just this or that? Have fun and bon appetit! 🙂

From the bottom of my heart and with lots of love,
Nam Terath Singh

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.