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stay with you

Sometimes times are wild and rough, sometimes gentle and still. Sometimes it's easier for us to stay with ourselves. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to stay in touch with our inner self. Especially when we continue step by step in all self-care and self-love, we keep coming to doors that are sometimes easy, sometimes difficult to open. But be sure, they can always be opened! There is something hidden behind it that we are allowed to get to know. What we are allowed to discover on and in ourselves. Again and again and always full of curiosity and vigilance. Yes, we don't always want to see everything. But every day there is a new chance to bring something into the "light", to illuminate something that was hidden in the dark and can now be let go in order to be happy in life and to move on. When we do this from the heart, in connection with our true authenticity and sometimes not following our thoughts, miracles can happen. We can trust, we can breathe, we can only find peace within ourselves. Nobody else will give it to us! Only ourselves! Even if we can whistle for a friend at any time! 🙂 We have every moment the chance to turn the "world". Every moment we have the chance to live in gratitude and open our hearts. Every moment we have the chance to say "yes" to ourselves and our life with all its challenges! We can accept them and continue to grow for ourselves in every situation. Which means to really BE ourselves even more, without being patterns, beliefs, attachments and fears! Be YOU, free from what limits you and leads you astray! Be YOU, trusting that everything in life leads to something new and holds you! Be YOU, in gratitude for all the beauty and good that surrounds us! Be yourself! Sat Nam!

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.