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The art of listening

Yogi Bhajan taught the art of listening and communication as the basis of our existence. We often view communication as just what we say and what is said in an external communication. That's an aspect, a very important one yes... What do we say, how do we say it and what is the intention and source of our words. How can we build an appreciative, compassionate, open and honest communication with our fellow human beings. But where does our communication really begin and which aspects can we still consider? Earlier this month we made it a point to pay attention to where we are, where we are going, and whether we are doing it from the heart, from our soul, or from conditioning, patterns, beliefs, or outside influence. In this way we can learn to first listen to ourselves (and then to others). Our thoughts, our emotions and everything that happens in us and being honest with ourselves about what is really true or what arises from a "story". Who in me makes decisions, who determines what I do or don't do? Who in me determines what I am? We may learn to develop the art of listening in order to listen very carefully. To understand our inner self, to experience, to get into a stillness that allows us to fully listen to others as well. If we develop this within ourselves, a new world opens up to us, which opens up a space for us to take responsibility and blossom out of honesty. So there are wonderful words in the JapJi:

Clairaudient we become wise, content, true. Clairaudient as after pilgrimages. We can study successfully if we are clairaudient. Clairaudience makes it easy to concentrate. Nanak says lovers will blossom. They hear the beloved and their pains go away.

We live virtues and values with clairaudience. Clairaudient like saints, kings, visionaries. Clairaudient blind people find the path. The unknown becomes known with clairaudience. Nanak says lovers will blossom. They hear the beloved and their pains go away.

Out of our silence we can experience ourselves, advance into the "unknown" and enter the game of life with confidence, listen to it and follow what is given to us every day. We can be thankful for this and accept challenges and opportunities with a smile and be happy. Life doesn't give us anything just like that. No... If we develop listening, we can really recognize, discover ourselves and live our being and the knowledge and truth of our soul. Sat Nam!

Nam Terath Singh

Tobias Fritzsche

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