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peace within us

When I woke up a few days ago and actually already knew beforehand what was going to happen, I was brought back into deep memories. Images were evoked in me again, which have occupied me for the last few days. When I was a child/teenager, I was shocked by the images from what was then Yugoslavia and the Gulf Wars. I still remember when the "West" "intervened" in Yugoslavia and the bombs flew. These pictures and the associated feelings have been very present in the last few days! And if we all think back, new pictures were and are always being added. Different countries, different strategies, different times, but always the same suffering. And for me, for decades, for centuries, all of this has not been about good or bad, West or East. And that should not be the topic here either, since it is not intended to be a political discussion. It's supposed to be about what it does to us and what we can or can't do.

When these feelings, images, impressions come up in me again, I can feel how it saddens my human nature. It's sad how we treat each other. In big and small. It's sad when the rhetoric is so violent from all directions. Regardless of whether it is threatened, retaliated, ..., should be - a cycle of unconscious communication and action! For me it doesn't feel really peaceful even without weapons, but always filled with threats, guilt, anger, ...! How come? Because now everything is coming up! For so long we tried to push everything away, not to look at it, to hide it, to solve it somehow, just not for the good of everyone. Where do we think this is headed? Does it make sense to keep oppressing and oppressing even more? What happens in a war - oppression?! What do we think it really needs?

And here it is again the question - what do we really want in our hearts? We can get the impression that we are overwhelmed by many things. First Corona, now so close war in Ukraine, what else should happen? Is that what we really want? Is this what we want for our children? Really? In our hearts, don't we all want peace, equality and love? But how is that supposed to work if not everyone participates? Yes, and this is exactly where we come to the spiritual view of all the events to which I invite you open-heartedly and without prejudice.

We are in a gigantic transformation of human consciousness. ✨ And so we can all make a huge contribution when we transform our consciousness! It starts with making peace within ourselves! That we stop negating things, pushing them away, fighting fights, unconsciously dealing with ourselves and others! The more people on this planet make this change and really live, the more the entire energy of humanity will change. Everything that happens is just a reflection of our current consciousness as all of humanity. The outside only shows what can be healed in us! And we are on this healing path! You can trust! 💖

It is now the moment when we can take full responsibility for our inner life! If we sow anger, the world will remain angry. If we sow hate, the world will continue to be filled with hate! If we sow acceptance, more acceptance will come! If we sow love, love will heal all that is old! Does that sound cheesy? Oh yes? Would you rather keep it the way it is or don't you want to at least try? We apologize for a lot of what we do or don't do! It's always been like that, I have no influence on it, I'm too old, too young, for whatever! And we can continue to apologize for the fact that there is already no peace within us. But how is peace supposed to come about on this planet? Peace is not a hope or a wish! No, peace is a way of life, a personal attitude, an obligation! So why do we resist it? Oh, there are many reasons. Why don't you want to make peace within yourself? Why don't you want to send love to all parts of you? Is your ego stopping you? The convenience? beliefs? Revenge? Whatever it is, love it and let it go! It's time! 🙏

What we experience on the outside is, as I said, only a mirror of all our inner lives! Be careful, it triggers. But that means that YOU and I, WE, are at war within us and the outside is only there so that we can learn! We fight within ourselves! And no, it's not about guilt! It will never be possible to find "THE culprit(s)"! There are an infinite number of perspectives, points of view, histories, interdependencies, ... . A view that always applies, however, is the honest and open view of our being! What is there that calls for love? What is there that wants to be healed? What is there, where the outside only reflects my inner life? What would happen if we started a new peace movement? The "Movement of Inner Peace" or whatever you want to call it. How are we supposed to live peacefully on the outside if we can't even make it with ourselves? There it is necessary to start, to continue and not to stop before every part in us is carried by a peaceful and loving hand! And we can be sure that it works and is only a matter of time! 🥰

I would like to invite you to take distance! Distance to what is happening in you. Distance to what is happening outside! And I don't mean "oppression"! No, on the contrary! I mean opening and a space for healing and alchemy to take place! We are allowed to see everything and then observe without judgement! It will be important that we can consciously rest within ourselves. That we realize that everything is here in our support to create the new age! This can help us to stay grounded and do our energetic part to make a "different world" possible! Not in hope, but in the confidence and certainty that we are divine beings who are in "School Earth" to learn and apply. And we know what our hearts want! community! Peace! Love! 💚

I wish you a lot of strength and trust for this month! The 3 represents our navel, the fire, the transformation! It reflects our creativity and expressiveness. Let's use these qualities - we need them, YOU, us! We can use the energy of the 3 to use the fire in a way that makes sense! For you, me, all of us!

With love, Nam Terath 🥰

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.