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Light and darkness are one

Our heart is our actual and at the same time original home. Nothing can guide us in our life wiser, more compassionate, clearer, braver, more loving, more mindful, more powerful than the energy that is in it - love! Everything we need to live is slumbering in our hearts! It is the engine of creation, the very core of being, the universe and us as such a wonderful being of creation! In him everything is created and formed in the form of freedom!

I always feel freedom in my heart. It consists of influences of stillness, peace, trust, mindfulness. If I let these qualities arise as a physical perception, feel them and let it be, yes, then freedom arises! Can you feel them in your chest? With a deep breath. An opening of the gates, of the walls built around him. When the barrier breaks and life breathes truth through you. What then? What can we feel in these few (fractions of) seconds?

In this framework we are carried into our balance. We feel lightness flowing through us. It doesn't have to be difficult. It doesn't have to be just in your head. It can go inside and the outside can remain the outside. Nothing is good or bad, black or white anymore. It's the way it is again! In acceptance, gratitude, smiling, playing with the gifts of the universe. How does that feel? It's airy and turbulent. It is the breath of divinity. No matter where we are, what happens, who we are or were or will become. He calls us back to ourselves, to truth, right choice, heartfelt action.

This is how we feel and bring ourselves more and more into this world, onto this planet, into the universe as divine love. It is only when we allow "God's ways" to be unfathomable and unjudged that the fighting stops. First inside us, then outside. It's a long road and no one knows where it will take us. Where are we taking all of what is happening right now? Are we sliding into a nuclear war? What is happening to Taiwan? What about China? What about the climate? What about the waste, the seas, the forests, the moors, the food, the money, the housing, the aging, the that?! What the...?

Spiritual development of people, souls, beings! communities! cooperatives! peace agreements! Reconciliation! international understanding! Alternative Trade! New/old forms of farming! Changing consumer behavior! Repair! energy concepts! forms of economy! Education, school concepts, ...! YES BABY! Where there is light, there is also darkness. Where there is darkness there is also light. They are one, intertwined, like the plus and minus of magnets! Like the ebb and flow of water. And if we are brave, we can use both.

Darkness teaches us strength, perseverance, deep insight, courage, solitude, creativity, confrontation. It awakens the darkness in us that we don't want to look at so much. What we feel ashamed, guilty, afraid, angry, … . Within, however, she carries a tremendous gift of healing!

The light brings us joy, awakening, freedom, compassion, trust, devotion, love. It enriches our gratitude and bears the fruits of feminine wisdom! We experience life, we dance in the rain and cheer in the sun! We awaken everything in us into unity!

Both light and darkness awaken the healing process of divinity (in us)! They are interwoven, one and somehow not. Shared, but somehow not. Let's give it a try this month. It's 4, the number of the heart, the green when it rains and the plants sprout when the sun shines! It's the wild, unpredictable month. Pure life! It carries the element of air, breathing, balance - here earth and sky unite! let's do it!

There are infinite perspectives on 100 % creation, good and bad, right and wrong, this and that. That's kind of mine. How is your? How do YOU experience everything? How is it with you? What can you discover in all parts of yourself? Much joy!

With love, Nam Terath

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Tobias Fritzsche

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