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life is life

Life is life! How do we see, hear, smell, taste and feel life? How do we understand life? What do we make of life and what it gives us? Oftentimes, we strive so hard for something we desire and want. We want to take and give everything for it. We do everything for it. We make an effort and use all our strength. We are convinced that this is the way to go. We have crystallized our "idea" and now nothing can stop us. Well, now we deserve it. What is life doing at this moment? how does it play Are we paying attention to what it wants to tell us and where it wants to lead us? Yes, preferably everything should always go according to “our nose”. We should be fine, life should give us everything that we wish for and imagine with a jubilant jubilation. What is life doing at this moment? Mostly the opposite? 😉 Especially in this day and age, we can reflect on accepting life as it is. In all its forms and manifestations. Live and radiate contentment and frugality. Yes, we are used to doing, making, setting goals and achieving them. And if that doesn't work, we're sad. But why? is this life Is that how life goes? Or is it our fantasy of supposed control and security? Isn't life safe enough already? We are allowed to set our intentions, have our wishes. When we open our minds and see what we are allowed to make of what is given to us, we fit in more and more. In a life that has everything ready for us. Dive in and trust! Life is already here and waiting for you!

Nam Terath

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.