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Phoenix from the ashes

Wednesday was Earth Overshoot Day. This is the day of the year when we consume more than the earth can handle. So we have used up as many resources as can naturally “grow back” on earth in one year (apart from the non-renewable, exterminated animal/plant species and resources). So we've been living on "pumping" since Wednesday. And this bubble, like the financial market bubble (still there), the debt bubble (always there everywhere), the real estate bubble (simmering in China), the war bubbleNNN and personal “bubbles”, is becoming more and more inflated. Maybe they and all the others will burst, maybe just a few or whatever. The important thing is, they're about to. And especially those of Earth Overshoot Day's. It's about honesty, not panic. It's about embracing it, seeing it as a joyful challenge, and then patiently taking action. My words today are a personal view, not dogma and not religion. They are free words of my values, of my heart, which asks honest and important questions. Questions we should all be asking ourselves. After all, is this how we want to leave the earth for future generations? Do we want to continue to sleep and "close" our hearts? And, do we possibly want to take responsibility for driving this process of destruction to the point of irreversibility? we can do it, yes But then we should also stand up and accept responsibility for it openly and honestly. Yes, I want to go on vacation three times a year. Yes, I need new clothes every season. Yes, I ... etc. And (sorry for this directness) I look ... on what comes after me or what happens as a result in the here and now. But we can also pay attention to what we eat, how we eat, where we travel or not, what new things we need or can repair, what we can do ourselves, how much clothing we really need and and and. We can take responsibility for stepping on the brakes, deflating our bladders, shifting down a few gears and finally “waking up”. No, don't whiz off into any spheres. Rather, arriving right here on this earth and taking responsibility for being here to (according to Yogi Bhajan) have a human experience as a soul. And honor and honor these gifts of life and earth. Waking up in a spiritual sense is exactly that for me! We awaken as individuals, as humanity, as a community! Yes, you also need “darkness” for that. This is how it works, pole and opposite pole. Day and night. Sweet and sour. That's life. We can look at the "evil" (deep "dark" emotions, confused thoughts, patterns and beliefs) in us with love in the heart, but not let it speak, and embrace it. ourselves and others. Perhaps we find gratitude in forgiveness and truly forgive. The gratitude for seeing what I can heal in myself and through others. And we may extend this to the “big context”. We can really start to heal! And just as a wound hurts physically while it heals, so do the emotional, energetic, subtle, and global. Feeling joy in this moment, a little bit, fulfills this healing and gives us strength to walk this path. Not out of resistance, not out of egoism, not out of spirituality, not out of religion, but out of pure humanity. Sat Nam.

Nam Terath Singh

Tobias Fritzsche

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