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The year is still young. However, I have a strong feeling that we are already in the midst of the "high of the year 2019"! There isn't really time to "arrive" and start the year slowly. These times are probably over once and for all... 🙂 Behind this possible "hectic pace" and this supposed feeling of "a lot" hides an abundance of presents, especially this year! Because we are already being driven by a powerful tailwind of creativity, receptiveness, silence and action and a purification on many levels in order to carry the light of our soul out into the world. It's almost like a giant cinema screen of possibilities and opportunities unfolding before us. Access! Just access! In us and around us!

Of course, it is not always easy, as old habits, patterns and trains of thought catch up with us again and again. There is a wonderful picture by Robert Bly from his book "Eisenhans", which I can warmly recommend to all men AND women to see men/women/themselves from a new perspective and, above all, to feel them.

“The wolf that devoured the six little kids must be killed; one learns nothing about any half-hearted measures such as therapy for the wolf. This is all inner work with inner wolves, but we must take an uncompromising attitude. If no uncompromising step is taken, the wolf will simply continue to eat our "kids".

This may seem very harsh and without compassion. But if we turn the coin, we can also ask ourselves where the compassion for US as souls is when we let the old stories play out over and over again. We can let them play, but only that, LET and not play! We "kill the game" and recognize the true game of life, which is joy, love, compassion and gifts on all levels. And there's no point in making half-hearted compromises over and over again. We ALWAYS find enough excuses, excuses, justifications for anything. Listing all this would probably fill libraries! Let's go for that!

Eat the wolves with all your love, use their energy to get your energy back! How much energy do you think we lose? And how much can we reintegrate as a result? It's not about perfectionism, harshness, striving or anything else. No, it's just that we receive gifts in every single moment of our lives, which we often negate again and again. This year is and will be full of gifts, even if they are disguised as a wolf at first! Let's unpack, create, celebrate, dance like little kids and become one with life and ourselves! Let's immerse ourselves in the peace and quiet that we are at home in!

All my love to you!
Nam Terath Singh

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.