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Forgiveness comes from you

I left the last weekend in April with great gratitude and many special impressions of the second part of this year's Kundalini Awakening Training. We were allowed to create a very special and healing space for ourselves, in which we immersed ourselves in karma and our dharma through our mind, meditation. What a journey! 🙂 A lot was allowed to move again and we traveled together through this process of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs to the resolution and forgiveness of the effects.

In this month, the 5th, we move into the fifth chakra. The chakra of the throat, of communication, sincerity, honesty, differentiation and our ability to express ourselves. All of this has deep implications for our karma and dharma. Yogi Bhajan once said that communication is the basis of our existence. Taking this as a basis for this month, we can see how important it is to cultivate our language both internally and externally. How do we speak within ourselves and who speaks within us? So if I now put myself back into the weekend of karma and dharma, it quickly becomes clear that everything that will have an effect internally and externally is created with our thoughts (and inner conversation). Everything will create a resonance that will continue to shape us.

As in all areas of our life, it can quickly happen to us that the mind starts to judge. He feels guilty, wants to do penance, is even afraid that the "bad karma" will backfire on him and "we" will not go to heaven. So quickly put some good karma against it... 😉 But is that all the case? What happens when we look at this from the neutrality of our heart and consciousness? Isn't it that everything we encounter in life is another experience for us as a soul in the human body? In truth and in wisdom, isn't this simply an opportunity for us to learn, to discover, and to heal once again?

We quickly come to see this healing as the task of the ego! "Yes, it wasn't all that wild, it's forgotten now, all yesterday's snow." Yes, it was all yesterday. And yes, it's all over somehow. But is that nothing more than a simple suppression and keep it up!? This review, feeling into what is and what once was, can help us to change our "language" and our actions in every moment of our lives, to become more compassionate, loving, clear and honest. Being honest with ourselves (and therefore others) and being able to express ourselves and experience what this unfolds opens a gateway for honest healing from the heart. We don't avoid, we don't enlarge, we take it for what it is. And we allow the universe to show its glory and perfection through us.

As soon as we "let the cat out of the bag", we give it the opportunity to show itself! She is allowed to rise up before us in her truthfulness and we give her the space she needs so that we can see what is really behind it. And here we come full circle in our emotions and thus in our beliefs, which guide most of our actions and reactions. Are we aware of them and do we allow ourselves to really see them in all their magnitude? When we do that, we enter the field of healing and forgiveness. "I forgive myself" - I (as a soul) forgive myself (as a personality/human being)"! This is true forgiveness, which fills our humanity with divine love and leads step by step into freedom within us. We break the chains of karma, step out of the loop and embark on the consciousness-led path of dharma, true destiny. 

I invite you this month to forgive from within you, as a soul! Take a few minutes every day for yourself, with your partner, your family, friends and colleagues. Speak and/or utter words of forgiveness. To ourselves, to others, to the world, to God! Forgiveness is the greatest gift of this time! We are still caught in old entanglements of karma. As an individual, as a family, as a collective. We can untie these knots and dive into the new age of love, freedom and trust together as humanity! We can trust that we cannot sin, but can only heal and forgive! Sin is torment and a fantasy of our human history! Forgiveness is healing, joy and the gift of heaven and paradise in which we have always lived! Dare to bite the apple! Dare to taste life! Dare to be truthful and authentic out of your being! Dare to forgive!

With all love,
Nam Terath

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.