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ipppieeeeeh... The roller coaster picks up speed again and races towards the next looping! Do you know the "Blue Fire" in Europa Park? That moment when you see the loop coming your way as you race towards it. And hey presto... you're in! How lovely, isn't it?! 🙂 This year really has something of the "Blue Fire"! Hahahaha... And when these pictures play out in my head, then of course it's just life! Somewhere inside is fear of the "ride". And yet you sit in the car and childishly look forward to what is to come. And when you're in the middle of it or through the loop, happiness, joy, courage, energy, love just shoot through you. Gigantic!

It is a simple yet so powerful mirror for our lives and for this year. We went through spirals, experienced ups and downs, were fast, were slowed down and then suddenly accelerated again to race into the next vortex. And with an energy that has never been seen before. Yes, of course, every year and all of life is like that. But at the beginning of the year no one expected this kind of power! 😀

Now we race unchecked through the loop and can be sure that we will come out at "hell speed". Hey, don't worry... 😉 Remember the roller coaster ride and what else is there besides this worry, this "oh dear". We steer directly into a "booster" that flips a lot out of us and around us (do you know that "word" - the sound: flupp... :-D) and clears the way so that we can shine, create, love, come together, change, uplift.

Great doors are open to us to focus on the future and to reflect. To what makes us happy, we can and do love. So that we change it within ourselves and bring it to the outside, which appears through it! It is an enormously promising time and when I look into my life, yes, I feel that we can now be brave and dare to really accept ourselves as people and what we are and to shine.

What are you shining for? What shines in you? What is really special about you? How can you strengthen and strengthen it without pushing other things aside? Feel free to take these questions with you and allow yourself a look inside!
In deep love for you, me and life!
Nam Terath

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.