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Do you believe in your true greatness?

December is under a very special question: Are you holding back what you have known in your heart for a long time, what you are actually capable of? Can you really believe in yourself, trust your abilities, follow your soul and break the chains that still hold you? You think that's not possible? Then press the STOP button for a moment and really listen deep into yourself! Do you want to spend your life as a victim or as a self-responsible person? Do you still want to whine about the weather, your colleagues, your boss, the economic downturn, the interest rates, whatever, or do you gather up the courage and follow your heart and your true authenticity? Do you still believe that everything around you is not in your hands? Do you think it's good to keep ignoring your "downsides", which to a large extent reflect your inner child, keep crying and screaming and leaving them alone? Is this how we treat each other and children? Why are you doing it to yourself? You could ask yourself thousands and thousands of questions that always boil down to the same thing! Honest? Come out of the swamp, fall back in, come out again, but keep smiling and stay true to yourself! And "DIR/DU" is not what you have been "told" all your life! you are you You are everything! You are creation in its perfection! When do you want to recognize and live this?

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.