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puff cake

2 – 2 – 2 – 2… What a date! In the bodies in Kundalini Yoga, the 2 represents the negative mind. The part of our mind that sees risks and dangers, wants to protect us and represents our "rational identity". This year, and especially this month, it can easily happen that we "rush" into it because the river around us is a wild, rushing river. There is a lot of chaos, confusion, stress and at any moment it can look different than just before. This can be exhausting and challenges us in all our being.

This "bodyguard" can be a useful companion for us to recognize where demarcation is needed, what we don't have to take on ourselves and where we can consciously take ourselves out of things/situations. We can nurture our mindfulness, which doesn't mean withdrawing. It may mean that we can make very specific decisions about what makes sense for us and our lives at any moment and what doesn't. Am I putting myself in situations that I know will create stress? Am I entering into discussions that I know may not be productive? Do I stick to the old or do I jump too quickly into something new that I know doesn't correspond to what I really want?

It's not always easy to see what the "right" way is. And this is exactly where the great opportunity lies for us! We are so shaped by doing the "right and wrong" that we have forgotten that the experience consists of making decisions and then precisely feeling, learning, recognizing and possibly changing my mind again - what can I make of this take with me and my life? What does this show me and what can I heal with it? Behind everything in life there is a mirror and thus also an opportunity to look deeper into yourself and to discover "blind spots" that were previously hidden. This can sometimes be very "crazy" things! 😀

So I currently feel that old topics from the age of about 12 are very much on my mind again. I am on a voyage of discovery as to what triggered it and how these experiences and events from that time have affected decisions and my behavior to this day. And they have it! It's so easy for us to say, "Oh, that's forgotten, so long ago, doesn't matter anymore". Really? I invite you to an experiment:

Remember (it will come now... ;-)) a situation from a similar age. Maybe you had your first friend there, you moved, something was going on in your family. How did it end? What has it done to you? How did you feel THEN (not now!)? And when in your life did this feeling, fear, emotion, ... come back? Can you spot a pattern? Perhaps you received a "rebuff", which then made you unsure how to deal with such situations?! Where can you discover connections to your current behavior in different moments and situations? Are you generally afraid of tackling or getting to know new things because you are worried that it may leave you again? Or do you not want to leave the old because the thoughts are there that nothing new is coming? Have a look for yourself!

We are very often convinced that things come and go, just like our thoughts. And yes they do! But some things we hold on to unconsciously and it bites into us. Well, puff cake... 😀 And so this month there is a wonderful opportunity to feel, love, accept and heal again what we thought didn't matter anymore. Everything we carry within us is neither good nor bad!!! It is a gift to us as souls to get to know, honor, love and transcend our worldly parts. We can draw energy from this and we will realize that the chaos around us will also become lighter, as it is only a mirror of our inner being. Whether we believe it, see it, want to recognize it or not! It doesn't leave any of us out... Sooner or later it hits all of us! Hahaha... 😀

So we can allow ourselves to find the joy in it! The joy of an expedition, new discoveries, rediscoveries and the radiance that we are! Because let's add everything together: 2+2=4, 2+2=4 – 4, the heart in the body, the neutral mind in the bodies! 4+4=8, the energy body - the number of healing! Well hello! 😀 Energy - Heart - Healing! Let's seize these opportunities and unload to be light, free and happy in life.

Lots of love and all the best for your month,
Nam Terath

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.