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slow down

SLOW DOWN! It could already be a mantra. SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN. Repeat! 😍This year was a wild ride on the waves for me too. And so it's good to simply bob around in the shallow water this August. When are we going to allow this? There's always something to do. Family, job, hobby, social media, ..., and "on the side" all the inner work that we deal with so much. Where's the break? Where is the time to check in with all of our beings and feel how they are doing? 🤔

How is our emotional body doing? How are our energetic bodies doing? How are our mental bodies doing? How is our physical body? What occupies them and where can we be careful? My physical body was really allowed to get some attention from me in the last few weeks and especially days! I often notice how I just “walk over it”, not paying attention, “well, it works”. Yes he does! Without asking! Without much to complain! And it's a wonderful moment when he suddenly realizes that there is someone who is paying attention to him. "Wow, I guess I'm not just a machine after all!" 🙏🏼

So I experience a new softness, slowness that I want to give him. He can just be hugged, stroked, cared for again. And not as a "ritual", as a game of the mind or "positive affirmation"! No, really from the heart, honestly and truthfully! And so in these moments he always showed his gratitude by being allowed to shed tears. Tears of joy, old tears, "just like tears". Yes, he feels seen, valued, accepted and loved! How many times have I told him how much I love him in the last few days. How beautiful he is! How grateful I am for him! 💕 And I feel his support as he stops any "wanting to go fast" and lets me take a step back.

This August is a good moment to gather the courage to "leave" sometimes. Whatever that may be for each of us. In whatever body that may be. Let's do it now! 💪🏽 Let's take a step out of what is, to trust in what it takes! So often we think we know what it is and look outside to see how it can be realized. All the answers are in us! Only when we open these "envelopes" within us will everything appear as if by magic and go into manifestation! Without us doing anything for it on the outside! These are miracles as we understand them!

So I invite you to recognize yourself as a miracle, to appreciate it and to feel where you can take steps to the side. Steps that don't let you move forward at first. Steps that free up space to breathe deeply, recover and acknowledge what is! To give life the opportunity to turn for you and to uncover what is meant for you! 💚

I wish you a wonderful discovery break and send you all my love! 😊

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.