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you are creation

This morning I was allowed to give the first master class of this year, which was themed "Jump into the Unknown". And as always, I also deal with these individual “topics” for myself. So I asked myself what it means for me. What is a leap into the unknown? What does that mean for me? Do I trust myself and how does that feel for me? What prevents or supports me? What do I learn and experience in these moments and what emerges from it? I invite you to ask yourself these questions!

What was present for me from the beginning is my inner child. I have fond memories of climbing trees, exploring the forest, building dams, letting my imagination run wild to create. At the same time, I felt tremendous joy. I followed what life, nature, my surroundings offered me at that moment. If I wasn't able to climb the first "climbing path", a new one opened up at the same time, because I kept my eyes on the moment and the joy of being. So I was always able to discover, learn, experience and “broaden my horizons” new things. Do you still know that? Can you remember? What moves this in you?

As we get older, we often want to broaden our horizons by setting goals, wanting to achieve something and thinking that this is our unknown and that's incredibly exciting. Yes, it definitely may be. Figuratively speaking, we climb down the cliff with climbing equipment. We want to control, determine the result ourselves and enforce our projection of "that's the way it should be". Does it work? 😉 What happens (figuratively speaking! ;-)) if we just jump? When we play the little bird that is suddenly thrown out of the nest by its mother and is allowed to start flying!? Do we dare or do we try desperately to stay in the nest? Do we have faith?

The unknown is found throughout life. Life is unknown and yet so well known because we know that it is unknown. Does that sound confusing? Good! Then you are one step closer to the unknown if your mind cannot grasp it! He can't hold on anymore. He is no longer looking for the goal, right or wrong, the absolute answer! You are freeing yourself right now from staying, being afraid and following that doubt! That doesn't mean that those emotions and feelings aren't there anymore. No, on the contrary... You give them space, but follow your courage, your joy, your life! That's devotion!

What is it that you are allowed to delve into at the moment? Where in your life do you find situations, emotions, beliefs, projects, ... that show up to you, but you have so far hesitated to really immerse yourself? And what's stopping you? What should happen? What? And where can you send love and healing to let the childlike joy and curiosity be there again? To follow them to invite the happiness and perfection of the void! To draw from this perfection, to recognize you as a unique creation! Would you like to try it? 😉 May you allow yourself to surrender to life and its wonders, follow them and follow the voice of divinity?

All the best for the next few days and all your discoveries and experiences within and around you!

Nam Terath

Tobias Fritzsche

I help responsible people to feel and live their own self again by accompanying them and reminding them who they are.